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Just because he was the world heavyweight boxing champion totally devoted his sport, didn’t make Tyson Fury exempt from mental health issues. He had money, fame, glory, world titles, a lovely wife and family, everything that was desirable seemed within his grasp.
But those bouts of depression would leave him feeling empty and with suicidal thoughts. For a period he tried to fill the emptiness with drugs, alcohol and all-night partying, but he only ended up feeling worse by the next morning. He bought a brand new Ferrari convertible, not realising at the time that it was a potential tool to end his life. But a plan to end it all had been hatched and he brought the lethal machine to a speed of 190 MPH in the knowledge that there was a motorway bridge at the end of a five mile straight. It was on that race to his death that he heard a voice…and his life was spared.