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Healed of Cancer A rare story of cancer vanishing miraculously

Most people know of a family member, friend or acquaintance who developed cancer. Some may have been fortunate enough to go into remission after treatment; sadly, most of us remember loved ones who succumbed to the disease. We can, therefore, empathise with someone who attends a doctor’s surgery due to feeling unwell, only to be told they have a cancerous tumour. Stephen Knox from County Down in Northern Ireland was such a person.
In 2018, when he visited his doctor due to stomach pains, he never suspected that it was anything serious. But when scans and x-rays revealed a large cancerous tumour growing inside his stomach, he and his wife were understandably both shocked and frightened. As Christians, and as members of a pentecostal fellowship, their first inclination was to contact their pastor and request prayer. With surgery scheduled, that waiting time was a very difficult period in their lives. Prayer and their faith in God, was the only real hope they had to cling to after the seriousness of the situation eventually sank in. And they were very thankful that they belonged to a church where people believed that the day of miracles hasn’t passed.
 But when the day for surgery finally arrived, what happened next left the surgeons and doctors astounded…